How To Choose A Karate Punching Bag That Is Right For You

When you are training for karate, instead of getting a standard punching bag, you are going to need one that is designed for this sport. People that do karate are doing not only punches, but leg kicks, and that means it needs to be extremely sturdy. Heavy bags can be difficult to mount on your own, and you also need to consider finding one that is going to last a long time. There are a couple different types which include freestanding and those that hang from an apparatus, or even the ceiling where you are doing your workouts. If you need a karate bag, either one of these will work fine, but they have to be extremely durable and heavy to withstand the kicks of karate.


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How To Choose The Right Karate Punching Bag


There are three things to consider when you are purchasing one of these bags. First of all, it needs to be made of a high density foam padding that can withstand the power of the kicks. It should also be constructed with durable vinyl that is properly stitched. If this is a freestanding bag, it must have a very sturdy base that provides proper weight distribution. In most cases, you will want to get one that is over 5 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter.


How To Know You Have Found The Right One


The one that you choose should be at least 100 pounds punching bag in weight. If you are going to be doing a substantial amount of kicking, this is the minimum that you should use. You also need to consider the filling material. Some of them have fiber, sand or even water. For martial arts, many of the top trainers will use high density foam. You will never have to worry about the bag becoming stiff, and you will also have a much easier time on your legs because of how this will absorb your kicks. If you can find one that meets the specifications, and is also affordable, you will have found the best karate punching bag for you. What we recommend are top 3 models for different weight, you can check more details at:


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