Key Advantages And Cons Of TecTecTec Rangefinder

TecTecTec introduced a new model of its rangefinder, the VPRODLX. The range finder is an improved and better version of VPR0500 which is the predecessor. The predecessor is well-known for its quality performance and reputation. The DLX has a significant impact on golfing fans.


The rangefinder is fast-measuring and compact. The ability and its focus on detecting a flag are superb due to the Pin Sensor innovation. A diopter adjusts the focus making in better than the predecessor. If you choose to buy the VPRODLX, you can enjoy an unobstructed view matching the capability of your eyes. A diopter makes the images to be very clear. The DLX is waterproof and can be strapped around the wrist. It’s also shock-resistant which makes it capable of withstanding hard impacts.

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1. The rangefinders are compact and lightweight. The VPRODLX rangefinder has a total mass of approximately 7.8oz. The DLX is also small with a size of about 2.8″x4.1″x1.6″. It comes with a bag which would make your carrying easier.

2. The rangefinders are durable. The lenses and the material used to make the rangefinders are very sturdy. These make them capable of serving you for a longer duration.

3. Good yardage. Rangefinders from TecTecTec offer the best field view. The VPRODLX uses ultra clear and multilayered optics which give its premium quality. It has some keys which would help you improve your vision and have a clear reading. The VPRODLX uses diopter to improve its yardage.

4. Enhanced technology. TecTecTec uses Pin sensor technology on both the DLX. In addition to the pin sensor technology, the DLX uses diopter to increase its efficiency. The DLX uses diopter which would allow anyone with glasses even to do proper readings.

5. Accuracy. One of the main aims of TecTecTec rangefinder is offering amazing and precise accuracy. The pin sensor technology would ensure the readings you are getting are +/- 1 meter. This increases the rangefinders ability to avoid obstacles. You can hardly miss a flag when you are using this rangefinder.

6. High-quality lenses. The manufacturer offers one of the best view lenses you can get in the market. This increases the visibility of the range when you are playing.

7. The DLX has a slope adjustment mode. This would allow you to measure any distant even on slopes accurately. You would, however, have to pay more to get this unit.

8. Instant readings. The rangefinders from TecTecTec would give users accurate and instant readings.

9. Good range coverage, The rangefinders from the manufacturer offer a good range. The DLX version is capable of viewing a distance of up to 900 yards if you are using reflective targets. The standard coverage is around 600 yard which is suitable for any golfer.

10. Longer warranty. Once you purchase the rangefinder from the manufacturer, you will be able to enjoy longer warranty durations. It covers up to a year proving its prowess in the field. The rangefinders can serve you for a long time making it affordable to own one.

11. Tournament legal. VPRODLX are approved by the golf association to be used for their matches. The readings are genuine, and its amazing capabilities make it one of the choices a golfer can have,

12. VPRODLX is affordable. With less than $200, you can get a pair of the finder from Amazon.

13. Waterproof. You don’t need to worry about your rangefinder when you are playing in the rain. The DLX is waterproof hence can be used in any condition.

14. The design is impressive and feels nice in your hands. The ergonomics make it have that classy finish despite its low price.




1. For you to use the TecTecTec rangefinders, you need to have steady hands. Steady hands allow you to get more accurate readings.

2. In some climates, the lenses of the VPRO500 may tend to fog. This would give a user inaccurate or wrong readings.

3. Some of the users are claiming the readings of some of the rangefinders to be inaccurate. Different factors may cause this difference in readings. But, it’s attributed to the erroneous calibration of the rangefinders.

4. The rangefinder’s flag seeker would tend to turn itself off. If the DLX hasn’t locked itself to the measurement, you will spend extra time toggling it back on.




The VPORDLX is an improvement of the VPRO500 which makes it a better laser finder.(Click Here To Get More About It). It’s affordable despite the quality performance you can enjoy using the rangefinder. It has incredible aesthetics and modernized features used to give accurate readings. This rangefinder can be recommended to any golfer who needs optimal performance.

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